The Birds

In my first post I mentioned that I will have a few short and sweet posts in the blog. This will be short. Maybe not so sweet.

Birds are everywhere this time of year. Spring has sprung and all that. The birds I’m talking about are annoying, loud, come in massive flocks, and line up side-by-side on power lines. All they ever do is beg for food, caw nonstop, and shit all over everything.

With all of the air space in the world that these birds are completely free to occupy without authorization from control towers, one would think they wouldn’t have to line up next to each other and bug the crap out of me and whoever else they seem to be following around.

Of course, they tend do this around restaurants and gas stations. Obviously, they are looking for food, they’re scavengers. Who can blame them. But this is a rant and they are killing me. I could sit outside with a BB gun and have a blast all night. Shortly afterwards I’d be able to write a nice long article about how annoying PETA is.

Anyway, these pests have got to go. They are annoying, I hate them, and they distract me to no end.

Rant over. I’ll apologize now for a fairly boring post, but I had to get it off my chest. I promise to make up for it tomorrow.

Stay classy, and I’ll see you at the next stop.

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