The Identification Crisis

I went out for dinner earlier this evening and had some average Mexican food, which is okay since it was in Oklahoma. I wasn’t expecting the best dish in the world. I pulled out my wallet to pay, handed my card over, and realized my driver’s license wasn’t in the spot I had assigned it.

Immediately, panic set in. My mind raced to remember where I put my ID, left my ID, lost my ID. I’m in several different towns all over the country every day. I’m in a different hotel over 300 nights a year. Several hundreds of miles away from each other. Restaurants, bars, hotels. I was screwed. How was I supposed to get hotels every night now? Pay for alcohol? Get pulled over? AND I just got that license. I had it renewed a couple of months ago. Gone already. I’m clearly a child.

As I started to remember my last few days, I realized it could only be in one place. The last hotel I stayed in, 296 miles away. I reached for my cell phone, managed to keep that on my person, and called the hotel. The second someone picked up on the other line I hung up the phone.

A couple of nights ago I took my cousin and her boyfriend, both of which just turned 21, out for a couple of drinks. I opened a tab at the bar. No need to check my ID there. I go all the time and know all the bartenders. Then we decided to play some pool. Gotta leave your ID with the bartender behind the bar in order to play. We drank, we played, we won, we made our ancestors proud. Our waitress gave me the bill, I paid, we left.

Now I’m in Oklahoma. No identification. As the hotel receptionist I called was giving me her mandatory greeting, I realized what happened. I left it at the damned bar. I’m also 31 years old. I didn’t get drunk, or even buzzed. Just completely spaced out and forgot about it. Luckily, I’ll be back in that area tomorrow, the bar opens at noon, and it just so happens I may need a drink. All is well. No more panic or stress.

It’s funny how something that small and simple can throw your life into a frenzy. You can have your entire life together and be completely zen or be the biggest mess anyone has ever seen. Lose your license and it’s the end of the world. Not sure why I’m mentioning all that here at the end, but it’s food for thought.

Stay classy, and I’ll see you at the next stop.

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