The Early Bird

I love watching and listening to people anywhere I go. The things I see and hear when I’m a fly on the wall are incredible. Some are stupid. Today we will be discussing a stupid conversation. I should mention this takes place in a university town full of young students.

It was about 2pm and I was starving. I decided it’d be a good time to grab some food. This has nothing to do with the story, but the place was out of roast beef, and I’m still upset about it. No roast beef sandwich for me. As I waited for my chicken salad sandwich I could hear several conversations around me. The one that stood out was between three freshmen girls. The reason I know they were freshmen is because they wouldn’t shut up about how they wouldn’t be freshmen next year and they’d be able to take better classes.

For some reason their conversation was the one I decided to focus on. Probably because they were right behind me, and all had high-pitched voices that drowned out all other noise in the restaurant. The topic that stood out the most to me is the one about morning classes.

I’m no stranger to college education or early morning classes. Being an adult, I’m also no stranger to waking up early. To be completely fair, I only sleep for 3 or 4 hours a night. As a grown-up with a job and responsibilities, I’m a bit biased towards the working class. So when I hear the line, “I had to wake up so early the other day, I had a class at 11,” I immediately perk up.

I understand that women/girls take an abnormally long time to get ready for anything, whether it’s to get the mail or go on vacation. So to go to a class at 11, I imagine it’ll take a couple hours, plus the amount of time it’ll take to actually get to class. She woke up at 8am or so. Sound about right? That is NOT “so early.” Luckily for you, I’m not going to rant about that.

I’m going to rant about the line she used to follow it.

“I had to get up at 9:30 just to make it to that stupid class on time!”

Begin rant:

First of all, 9:30 in the damned morning?!?!?! On a weekday?!?!?! NO. That is not early. I get that she’s a college kid, probably not a lot going on other than classes, parties, and maybe a part time job.

To be fair, she could be working two full-time jobs and taking a full course load and working her little bleached-blonde heart out to pay for her brand new iPhone that she bragged about to her two friends 10 minutes ago. But for the sake of this post, she needs to grow up. The real world, after college, is going to be a rude awakening for her.

9:30 in morning? I cant remember the last time I slept past 7:30, and that’s sleeping in! I don’t feel bad for her at all. Her friends do. They all exchanged stories for the next 20 minutes about the horrors of college classes, particularly ones in the morning.

This obviously doesn’t fall entirely on these poor girls. We can blame society, media, and their families. I’m going to put most of the blame on families. I heard these same conversations over and over again when I was in college. My parents raised me a certain way. I know the value of school, of working hard. The early bird gets the worm.

I don’t have a problem with complaining that you have to get up early. I complain about it all the time. But 9:30 is not early. You don’t get to complain about that. I WILL give her kudos for making it to class in only an hour and a half. Like I said, I know how long it takes girls to get ready.

I’m running out of steam, probably because of this margarita. So I’ll end the rant here. Kids, 9:30 is NOT early. One day you will miss it. And parents, teach your kids! They need to be prepared for the real world. work starts early and they need to get up even earlier!

End rant.

On another note, I could really use a roast beef sandwich right now. Maybe tomorrow, if I get up early enough.

Stay classy, and I’ll see you at the next stop.

2 thoughts on “The Early Bird

  1. Now you have stepped on my toes. Not all women take forever to get ready. I can take a shower, dry my hair and put makeup 💄on in 30minutes. Add 5 more for getting dressed. Love 💘you but don’t put all women in that category


    1. This was very clearly geared toward a certain type of woman, the one who takes forever to get ready. I’m sure you know the type. I apologize for making it sound like I lumped all women together that, as I hate when people do that for any topic. I’ll be more clear in my next posts. Thanks for the comment and I’m glad you’re a follower! I hope you keep it up and enjoy the blog. Stay classy!


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