The Alamo

As I’m driving across San Antonio today, a few times, I passed Texas’ most historic and famous landmark: the Alamo. Located in the heart of downtown San Antonio, the Alamo is a site that gave many lives to secure the independence of Texas from Mexico. So as I drove past the landmark for the third time I couldn’t help but live by Texas’ most famous saying: “Remember the Alamo.”

It was February, 1836, Santa Anna was laying siege to the fort known as the Alamo with his massive Mexican army. All the big names were there: James Bowie, William Travis, Davy Crockett. Thousands of members of the Mexican army attacked the Alamo for 13 days. The impressive part of this story is that it was defended by only 200 people (and a super big knife that Jim Bowie had with him)! Only a very small handful of these defenders were spared, the rest were killed by Santa Anna and his forces. The remainder were sent to Sam Houston’s camp to warn him that he and his army would meet the same fate.

Well seeing as how Texans are super proud and love to fight for what we believe in, the Battle of the Alamo only served to rouse the spirits of Sam Houston’s forces. Long story short, we kicked Santa Anna’s ass so hard that the French blew off his leg a couple of years later. I can see how that probably doesn’t add up. Basically, he lost to Texas so badly that he was forced into retirement. Mexico owed some pretty big debts to France, and when the French came around to collect, Mexico tried to fight back. Santa Anna comes out of retirement and the French blow off his leg. The dude even had a very large and very public funeral for said leg. Pathetic, right?

So every time I go by the Alamo, which is in close proximity to the extremely Emily Morgan and Menger hotels, I remember the lives that were lost to fight for the independence of Texas and the history of the Alamo. If you ever go to San Antonio, Tx, be sure to visit this historic site and see all that it has to offer. It still houses several artifacts and weapons from the famous battle and is a beautiful building. Plus you can always stay at a couple of haunted hotels and see what that’s all about. just make sure that whatever you decided to do, Remember the Alamo!

Stay classy, and I’ll see you at the next stop.

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