The Plague

Well there’s nothing to report from the road today. I woke up around 4 this morning to get ready for another wonderful and productive day at work and was shocked to discover that I am deathly ill. It should also be known that I’m an adult man, and that I’m probably exaggerating my unfortunate and likely soon demise. Turns out I have the flu and I’m a giant baby.

I very rarely get sick, because I’m awesome. But when I do, I’m certain that I’m on my deathbed. Again, giant baby, as most men are when they are sick. So we have another short post today. I’d take medicine, but it rarely works for me and I’m super stubborn. Unfortunately, I’m stuck in Pleasanton, TX at a hotel since I happen to be in the middle of work. Lucky me. Now I’m not only going to feel like death for the rest of the week, but I’m going to be several jobs behind while I try to catch up.

Also, I don’t sleep much, and being sick makes it worse. So I’m exhausted. Time to catch up on my binge-watching. Tomorrow will be a better day and I promise to have something better to share with y’all. If I don’t die because of this plague that has been bestowed upon me first.

Stay classy, and I’ll see you at the next stop.

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