The Midnight Writer

Seems like I have a problem.

Nothing interesting or noteworthy happened at all today on the road. It’s midnight and I have nothing to write about or share. On top of that, I can’t sleep, as usual. So, I’m wide awake, have nothing to discuss, and promised to put up a second post. Quite the conundrum I’ve gotten myself into.

It did managed to get up to 90 degrees earlier today. That was nice. I love the heat, nice and humid. Nothing better than hard work on a hot day to make a man feel accomplished. I can’t say the same for the stand-still traffic in the middle of the 2 hour drive to the hotel. Could’ve done without that. But I made it.

It’s taken me 20 minutes to write this small amount, and that’s embarrassing. I think it’s fair to all of us if I just stop right here.

Enjoy the springtime heat. Drink plenty of water. And as sure as Jesus has got sandals, tomorrow will be packed full of adventures to entertain you with in my next post.

Stay classy, and I’ll see you at the next stop.

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