The Quitter

There are many reasons to quit your job. Maybe you aren’t being treated fairly. Perhaps you aren’t making enough. There’s a chance you just aren’t the right for for the job.

There are also many ways to quit your job. Throw things around and slam doors. Yell at the parties you feel have wronged you. Just don’t show up.

Today I had the opportunity to deal with a quitter. Not only did this person quit, she quit on the worst day of the worst week of the worst month. Oh, at the worst time of the day.

Around lunchtime I was pulled into a meeting with a shipping supplier our company uses. After my meeting I checked the time, noticed the quitter was missing, and wrote it off to her being gone for lunch. After all she was clocked out.

An hour went by, I waited for her to clock back in shortly. We have a ton of orders and a ton of wholesale that needs to be done on top of that. So I was swamped. I lost track of time when the owner/founder called me from his office.

Turns out the quitter lived up to her moniker. She clocked out for lunch and decided to just never go back to work again. She also took it upon herself to TEXT the owner/founder and let him know there were no hard feelings. Because she has such good morals and even better work ethics.

I’m sorry. I don’t care why you quit a job. If you don’t want to do the work then I don’t want you there anyway. I hold myself and my employees to a very high standard and I have zero tolerance for anything less than what I expect.

Now, I know exactly why the quitter quit and what her thoughts and feelings were. I read the text she sent. By the way, the quitter’s text was only sent to one person. I, the one person she should have texted, was not that person.

So the quitter left in the middle of the day, left all of her current work half-finished and all over the place, did not say a word until long after the fact, and left the entire department in a pretty bad bind on the worst day possible. The worst part of all of this is that the whole situation pissed me off and put me in a pretty bad mood, because I don’t have enough to deal with on a daily basis.

I’m basically just venting here, so don’t take any of this to heart. Interviews have been done, more of them will take place tomorrow and Friday, and I will have two new people in the department first thing Monday morning. So it all works out for the best, especially since I had plans to terminate the quitter at the end of this month anyway.

Oh, as a side note, if you are going to quit your job, please inform the appropriate parties. Be an adult. Tell someone. Even finish out the day, get those extra few hours on your last paycheck. The one you have to come in to pick up in person since it’s your last one. Hell, I don’t know, maybe even put in and honor your two weeks notice since you care so much about the company and those of us that run it.

Such is life, we all move on, the world keeps turning, and now it’s bedtime. I quit.

Stay classy, and I’ll see you at the next stop.

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