The Gentleman

Respecting your elders is a rule that should always be followed. I don’t fall under the term “elder” by any means. But when a 10 year old boy in Starbucks says “Hello, sir, I hope you have a great day,” it puts a smile on my face. This same kid pulled out the chair for his mother when she sat down and opened the door for her when they cam in and left.

Chivalry is not dead. Gentlemen do exist if given the opportunity to prove it. A large part of it is going to come from parents. Raise your children correctly. Teach them proper manners, how to respect EVERYONE (not just their elders), and to think of others first. It’s not difficult. Say “please” and “thank you.” Open building doors and car doors, pull out chairs, random surprise flowers don’t hurt. Flowers for no reason at all will win someone over every time. Do things without having to be asked. Listen, communicate, help.

Try to think of things in advance. Make plans. Be spontaneous. The 10 year old at Starbucks told his mother they should probably go get groceries now instead of after her hair appointment so she won’t be rushed and stressed out tonight trying to get everything done. The smile on her face was so big I didn’t think it would fit in the building.

And women, let men do these things. Men want to be good to you, to surprise you, to dote on you, make you happy. Don’t take any of it for granted, but don’t take it as him not thinking you can’t do anything. Every woman should know how to change a tire, but shouldn’t have to do it. Of course you can get your own door. You’re a strong independent woman. We want to make your life easier. Let us. You will be happy. We will be happy.

One last thing, as our favorite 10 year old boy held the door open for an elderly couple, he coughed AND covered his mouth. Anyone who has ever seen a child knows that they are little germ factories. I was amazed, and grateful. I know adults who spray their DNA all over the place every time they open their mouths. No one wants your nasty germs. If this kid can cover his mouth then so can you.

Be a gentleman.

Stay classy, and I’ll see you at the next stop.