The Tattoo

I have a few tattoos and plan on getting more. I think they are a great expression of your inner self and personality and can have great meaning. Picking a new tattoo can be extremely difficult if you want it to mean something to you. There are some that get tattoos that look ridiculous, just to have them, that seem to be drawn on by a right-handed child, upside-down, with their left hand. I don’t want that.

I’ve been looking for quite some time and I’ve narrowed it down to a few choices. I even set a deadline for this weekend so that I actually commit to something and go through with it. Even choosing between the few that I have on my list is proving to be difficult. It needs to be something meaningful, that looks good, that will fit in whatever area I decide on, and will be a reflection of my personality.

I’m sure I’ll figure something out.

For those of you that just get tattoos just get them, think it through. It’s there forever. Some may argue that you can get them removed. This is true. It’s also a painful process that takes several sessions and will never truly be gone, the scars remain. Before you get a name or face tattooed on your neck like an idiot, do some research. Think about your life, your job or career, your family and friends. Of course, it’s your decision and it’s your body and who cares as long as it’s personal to you. But you can’t walk into a white-collar financial position with a tiger claw on the side of your face.

In my opinion, art is best when subtle. It should make people ask questions, stir their curiosity, and when enlightened, give them a sense of awe. If you’re doing it just for you, then it should do the same for you. You should be able to look at it and be able to reflect on why you got it and what it means to you. Let the sting of the needle really sink in to your thoughts and feelings and cement the fact that you have a piece of meaningful art on your body that will mean something to you forever. That’s not something you get from a line of sparrows flying over your left eyebrow.

Think it through, and I’ll do the same.

Stay classy, and I’ll see you at the next stop.