The Update

I’ve always been an Android guy when it comes to technology. Some of you are on board and most of you like Apple and don’t have a soul. The war rages on.

Today, Samsung rolled out a massive update called Samsung Pie. At least it hit my devices today. Basically, it fucked up my whole world. Everything changed: colors, themes, icons, all my apps, all of it. It took me an hour to get everything back to normal.

I’m not knocking the update itself, it’s pretty great. But the amount of time I had to spend to get the physical aspect of all my little gizmos back in order was a hassle. Mostly just frustration. And seeing as how I’ve had writer’s block all day, this came at a great time. Hopefully this means there won’t be an update for a while, at least not on this scale. I’m sure there will be little bugs to work out. Otherwise, I don’t want anything else to go haywire.

Also, Apple sucks.

Stay classy, and I’ll see you at the next stop.